JDSL Advanced

JDSL is a library of data structures and algorithms in Java developed at the Center for Geometric Computing here at Brown. CS 252 uses the Advanced version of JDSL, which contains modules not included in the Standard version.  You are expected to use JDSL in the first assignment and in the project.

Using JDSL Advanced

Before using JDSL Advanced, please read and understand the copyright notice. JDSL Advanced can be freely used for personal, educational, and research purposes.

To use JDSL within the CS department network:
  • Add /pro/java/linux/jdk1.4/bin/ to your PATH (currently linked to jdk1.4)
  • Add /course/cs252/resources/lib/jdsl.jar to your CLASSPATH
To use JDSL outside the CS department network, download jdsl.jar (download allowed only from *.brown.edu)

Documentation on JDSL Advanced

JDSL Advanced Example 

A 2D range-search example, written by Joe Lee.

Using Javadocs

Javadocs is a way of automatically generating html documentation of your code, and is required for your homework and project.  There is a short tutorial here as well as within the range-search example above.

Java Basics

If you haven't used Java before, please refer to these Javadocs or see me, Glencora.

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