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About Me

I am an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Brown University. My research interests include solving practical networking and systems problems, with a focus on Software Defined Networking, data centers, clouds, and configuration management. In the past, I've conducted large scale measurement studies of data centers and enterprise networks; and I've developed several networked and distributed systems -- one of which was purchased in 2012.



Software and Datasets

  • Data Center Characteristics [IMC'2010]: data set
  • LegoSDN (Fault Tolerant Controller) [SoSR'16]: source code
  • Dapper (Data Plane diagnosis of TCP) [SoSR'17]: source code
  • P4Visor [CoNEXT'18]: source code
  • Hermes [CoNext'17]: Coming soon!

Funding: Grants & Gifts

Selected publications (full list)

Downloads: PDF
Zero Downtime Release: Disruption-free Load Balancing of a Multi-Billion User Website.
Usama Naseer, Luca Niccolini, Udip Pant, Alan Frindell, Ranjeeth Dasineni,Theophilus Benson
[Proceedings of SIGCOMM, New York, New York, Aug 2020]

Downloads: PDF
In-Network Compute: Considered Armed and Dangerous.
Theophilus Benson
[Proceedings of HotOS, Bertinoro, Italy, May 2019]

Best Paper
Downloads: PDF
Efficient and Safe Network Updates with Suffix Causal Consistency.
Sheng Liu, Theophilus Benson, and Michael Reiter
[Proceedings of EUROSYS, Dresden, Germany, Mar 2019]

Downloads: PDF
P4Visor: Lightweight Virtualization and Composition Primitives for Building and Testing Modular Programs.
Peng Zheng, Theophilus Benson, and Chengchen Hu
[Proceedings of CoNEXT, Crete, Greece, Dec 2018]
[A workshop version appeared in CoNEXT 2018.]

Downloads: PDF
Performance Characterization of a Commercial Video Streaming Service.
Mojgan Ghasemi, Partha Kanuparthy, Ahmed Mansy, Theophilus Benson and Jennifer Rexford.
[Proceedings of IMC, Santa Monica, CA, Nov 2016]

Downloads: PDF
Tolerating SDN Application Failures with LegoSDN.
Balakrishnan Chandrasekaran, Brendan Tschaen, and Theophilus Benson.
[Proceedings of SoSR, California, US, Mar 2016]
[A workshop version appeared in HotNets 2014.]

Best Paper
Downloads: PDF
Network Traffic Characteristics of Data Centers in the Wild.
Theophilus Benson, Aditya Akella and David Maltz
[Proceedings of IMC, Melbourne, Australia, Nov 2010]

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