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The demand for higher quality, faster computer graphics extends throughout virtually all fields of science, types of industry, and areas of government, from mathematics and engineering to the military and entertainment. Such a pressured environment encourages ad hoc approaches and short-term solutions to problems. With the establishment of the Center, we are able to pursue the long-term, discipline-wide goal of strengthening the foundations of computer graphics and scientific visualization. While there has been great progress in the last few years in hardware performance, algorithms, and interaction techniques, far too many systems and applications used in graphics and visualization today still depend on ad hoc techniques rather than scientific foundations. More than ever, we need to have computer graphics that doesn't just "look right" but "is right": our models and algorithms must be physically-based and subject to experimental validation.

Our strategy is based on coordinated foundational research in four core areas: modeling, rendering, interaction, and performance. Work in these areas is further focused, stimulated, and validated by two key "driving application" research areas: scientific visualization and a Center-wide effort on telecollaboration for mechanical CAD. An increasing number of collaborative projects have become essential for realizing the Center's goals. These projects and the sites involved are shown in the diagram above.

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