Modeling Research

Developmental modeling
A hub assembly modeled using Alpha_1
A dinosaur, modeled using manifolds, with the control mesh displayed.

oModeling Overview


Modeling Systems
oAlpha_1 Research System
Physically-Based Modeling
oDevelopmental Modeling
oArticulated Body Simulation
oConstrained Optimization

Surface Representation
oTorn B-Splines
oDeformable B-Spline Models for Volume Data
Subdivision Techniques
oInteractive Multiresolution Mesh Editing
oArbitrary Mesh Subdivision Scheme

Modeling Overview

Geometric modeling, which plays a key interdisciplinary role in the Center, underlies all computer graphics technologies. Although substantial progress has been made in the last six years, modeling remains a major bottleneck in graphics with many fundamental issues still only partially understood.

The Graphics and Visualization Center has two complementary goals:

  • Improve modeling in current applications, testing the results through the rigors of real-world problems in geometric modeling, CAD/CAM, and scientific visualization, and

  • Create fundamentally new modeling methods for the next generation of applications through research focused on geometric modeling, physically-based modeling, including biological modeling, and new mathematical shape and behavior representations.

Improvements in modeling extend the domains of application for computer graphics, while at the same time advances in the application areas stimulate fundamental research in modeling. For this reason, modeling research within the Center has been highly leveraged by collaboration with researchers in other areas of computer graphics. Moreover, other research thrusts in the Center, such as those of tracking and display, have made advances that would not have been possible without access to the most recent modeling advances.

The wide range of important modeling domains indicated above provides strong motivation for pursuing modeling research as a Center. We achieve greater coverage through complementary specializations and research activities that reinforce one another.

Modeling Bibliography

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