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Art-Inspired Visualization Synthesis (1998-)
Bat Flight Visualization (2001-2013)
Blood Flow Visualization
CavePainting (2001-2011)
Color Rapid Prototyping (2003-2005)
Evolving Visualizations (2001-2008)
Immersive Vis and 3D Interaction for Volume Data Analysis (2013-)
Pottery Sherd Reassembly (2001-2002)
User Performance in VR Environments (2002-)
Virtual Environments for Archaeologists (1999-2002)
Visualization of Brain Structures (1998-)
Visualization of Protein Interaction Networks (2009-2010)
Visualization of Topological Defects in Liquid Crystals (2002-2006)
Visualization of Wrist Bones and Ligaments (2001-)
Volume Rendering (2004-)
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