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Reading Lists

A. M. Turing and Morphogenesis, by Cagatay Demiralp
Ahmad Wilson's CS237 Bibliography, by Ahmad Wilson
Anatomical MRI, by Daniel Acevedo
Andrew Wald's CS237 Bibliography, by Andrew Wald
Art, Perception, and Visualization. IEEE Vis and InfoVis., by Daniel Acevedo
Bat Bibliography, by Daniel Acevedo
Bibliography, by David H. Laidlaw
Brain Anatomy, by Daniel Acevedo
Brandon Nardone's CS237 Bibliography, by Brandon Nardone
CS237 Final Projects. Fall 2002, by Daniel Acevedo
CS237 Reading List, by Daniel Acevedo
CS237 Student Presentations List., by Daniel Acevedo
CTX Resources, by Trevor O'Brien
Cagatay Demiralp's CS237 Bibliography, by Cagatay Demiralp
Case-based Reasoning List, by Daniel Acevedo
Cassidy Laidlaw's Bibliography, by Cassidy Laidlaw
Daniel Grollman's CS237 Bibliography, by Daniel Grollman
Daniel Keefe's Bibliography, by Daniel Keefe
David Eigen's CS237 Bibliography, by David Eigen
Dmitri Lemmerman's CS237 Bibliography, by Dmitri Lemmerman
Educational References, by Daniel Acevedo
Edward Kalafarski's CS237 Bibliography, by Edward Kalafarski
Fish Fin Motion, by Daniel Acevedo
Flow Bibliography, by Andrew Forsberg
Guillaume Marceau's CS237 Bibliography, by Guillaume Marceau
How MRI Works, by prabhat
Igor Pivkin's CS237 Bibliography, by Igor Pivkin
InfoVis and Homeland Security List, by Daniel Acevedo
Jadrian Miles's CS237 Bibliography, by Jadrian Miles
Jason Mallios's CS237 Bibliography, by Jason Mallios
Jean Tsong's CS237 Bibliography, by Jean Tsong
Jürgen's Bibliography, by Jürgen Schulze
Kristin Boyle's CS237 Bibliography, by Kristin Boyle
Laura Sevilla Lara's CS237 Bibliography, by Laura Sevilla Lara
Maribeth Rubin's CS237 Bibliography, by Maribeth Rubin
Mark Moseley's CS237 Bibliography, by Mark Moseley
Matt Loper's CS237 Bibliography, by Matt Loper
Multi-view CT-radiography shape tracking (readings relevant to bird-skeleton tracking, suggested by Prof. Gatesy and Prof. Brainerd), by G. Elisabeta Marai
Mykhaylo Kostandov's Bibliography, by Mykhaylo Kostandov
NSF Grant Writing, by Daniel Acevedo
New Tractography literature, by Song Zhang
Nicholas Yang's CS237 Bibliography, by Nicholas Yang
Other References to Brown's Vis Research in the Press, by Daniel Acevedo
Peter Sibley's CS237 Bibliography, by Peter Sibley
Peter Yee's CS237 Bibliography, by Peter Yee
Polarimetry Visualization, by Daniel Acevedo
Psychological factors in VR, by Daniel Acevedo
Rachel Gold's CS237 Bibliography, by Rachel Gold
Radu Jianu's CS237 Bibliography, by Radu Jianu
Radu's Dissertation Bibliography, by Radu Jianu
Radu's Protein Vis. List, by Radu Jianu
Readings on Magnetic Tracker Error Correction, by David H. Laidlaw
Ryan Boller's CS237 Bibliography, by Ryan Boller
Scott Daniel's CS237 Bibliography, by Scott Daniel
Shape Representation - Distance Fields, by Cagatay Demiralp
Stephen Redihan's CS237 Bibliography, by Stephen Redihan
Test, by Daniel Acevedo
The Leor List, by Leor Thomas
Tractography References, by Song Zhang
Trevor O'Brien's CS237 Bibliography, by Trevor O'Brien
Uncertainty Visualization, by Daniel Acevedo
Unsteady Flow Bibliography, by Jian Chen
Vadim Slavin's CS237 Bibliography, by Vadim Slavin
Virtual Reality - User Studies, by Cagatay Demiralp
Vis Conference programs and papers, by Daniel Acevedo
Visualization Synthesis and Composition, by Daniel Acevedo
Wenjin Zhou's CS237 Bibliography, by Wenjin Zhou
Wrist Bibliography, by G. Elisabeta Marai


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