Lectures take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30-3:50PM over Zoom. The lecture notes will be updated after every class.

Lecture topics for future dates are very tentative.

Date Topic Lecture Capture
Jan 21 What is a compiler? video
Jan 26 OCaml intro; S-Expressions video
Jan 28 Unary operations video
Feb 2 Booleans video
Feb 4 More Booleans, conditionals video
Feb 9 Binary operations video
Feb 11 Naming expressions with let video
Feb 16 No class
Feb 18 Pairs and the heap video
Feb 23 Handling errors video
Feb 25 Interacting with the environment video
Mar 2 Output and functions video
Mar 4 More functions video
Mar 9 Tail calls video
Mar 11 Parsing (notes coming soon) video
Mar 18 More parsing (notes coming soon) video
Mar 18 Function pointers (notes coming soon) video
Mar 23 Closures (notes coming soon) video
Mar 25 Typechecking
Mar 30 Optimization intro: inlining
Apr 1 Constant folding and CSE
Apr 6 Optimizing loops
Apr 8 Optimizing loops cont, wrap-up