Links for Lectures

  • The Zoom link and password are in Canvas
  • Prismia, for asking questions during lecture

Useful Documents

Where to Get Various Kinds of Help

Problem Campuswire SignmeUp
Prof Hours
or Appt
Fix/Debug Code small issue larger issue
Understand Error Message yes yes
Conceptual Question yes sometimes hours (calendar) yes
Review Study Skills yes appt (email them)
Questions on Drills yes sometimes yes yes
Private Issue appt (email them)

If you need an extension owing to a special circumstance, enter your request on this form and Doug or Kathi will follow up with you.

Workshop (optional) is available each week to review and practice conceptual material.

Labs (required) run each week to practice programming material.

In general, we strongly encourage you to use Campuswire for small/quick questions. You can post code to Campuswire in private posts. If you feel you need to post a lot of code, your question is probably better suited to face-to-face SignMeUp office hours (schedule is in the calendar). We have a good-size team of TAs handling Campuswire in the hopes of getting answers to you quickly.

If you have a clarification question, we prefer you to make a public post (can be anonymous) on Campuswire. If we feel a private question is of general interest, we may turn it into an anonymous public post, so more people can see the answers.

Doug and Kathi’s office hours will be open, not one-on-one. This means you are welcome to join the session anytime and ask questions or discuss material (whether from class, homework, or CS in general). These hours are not meant for helping individual students with code.

If you feel you need individual help with how you approach problems in general, use SignMeUp hours or make an appointment with Doug or Kathi. Also make an appt with Doug or Kathi if you have a concerns of a personal nature.


You have only 15 minutes for one-on-one appointments, so being prepared is important (and it keeps the line moving for other students).

Ideally, you should come with a question or work so far showing the point at which you are stuck. If you haven’t worked through the design steps (which we will be explaining in class) and just bring code to hours, the TAs can ask you to do the design steps before looking at your code. TAs will do this when they believe your issue depends on one of the design steps. Learning design skills is one of the goals of this course (not just producing code), so this policy supports this goal.

We’ll talk about design steps in lecture throughout weeks 2-4 of the course.

Department Resources

Health and Wellness

If you need accommodation for your physical and mental health, please feel free to reach out to Kathi or Doug - we want to support you as much as we can in the most comfortable way for you. It is important to note that TAs should not be handling health and accomodations information, so inquiries should be directed towards Kathi or Doug only.

Please check out the following links for resources on physical and mental health in Computer Science.