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PLT is a multi-university group working on advanced programming languages, including language design, formal semantics, computer-aided verification, language implementation, and programming environments. The other leaders of PLT are our friends Matthias Felleisen, Robby Findler and Matthew Flatt.

In addition to working closely with graduate students, we also involve undergraduates in substantial research. If you're interested in joining us, please contact Shriram.


We are part of the computer science department at Brown University, located in lovely Providence, Rhode Island. (How lovely? See some photographs by Richard Benjamin.)


Brown PLT team members contribute to DrRacket and have led the development of other software locally:


Our students have earned numerous honors:

In addition, several of our papers have been nominated for or won awards.

Team Members

We have one faculty member, Shriram Krishnamurthi, one post-doc, Ben Lerner, three PhD students:

and several undergraduates. We share an abiding passion for functional programming.


Past undergraduates who have completed senior honors theses with us are:

Past graduate students who have completed projects with us are:

Other Past Collaborators

Sebastian Benthall, Aleks Bromfield, Spiros Eliopoulos, Josh Gan, Felix Geller (from WPI), David Grabiner, Chris Harris, Dan Ignatoff, Romain Legendre (from ENS), Morgan McGuire, David Reiss, Manos Renieris, Andrey Skylar (from WPI), Danny Yoo (from WPI), Jono Spiro

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