Shriram Krishnamurthi

Professor of Computer Science

Brown PLT
Computer Science Department
Brown University

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If you're coming here from our Fast Company op-ed piece, you may be interested in the corresponding paper or system.

Though my head is often in security, networking, verification, and HCI, my heart is in programming languages. Over the years I have contributed to several innovative and useful software systems: JavaScript and Web tools, Racket (formerly DrScheme), WeScheme, Margrave, Flapjax, FrTime, Continue, FASTLINK, and more. For some of what I've been doing lately, please see my research group's blog.

Recently, I have decided to devote a substantial portion of my time and energy to the hardest problem I've worked on: computer science education. It's the hardest because it requires substantial work on both technical and human-factors fronts; the audience is often unsophisticated and vulnerable; and if you screw up, you can do real damage to not only individuals but also the field and society. I recently wrote up a manifesto for my new direction [the same text is on both Facebook and Google+].

Since 1995, decades before it became a fashionable hobby, I've been devoted to computer science outreach at a national (and larger) scale. My collaborators and I wrote a best-selling book and created a series of successful outreach programs. I also wrote the widely-used Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation.

The curent outreach program, Bootstrap, is used internationally for both computing and math education, and has been adopted as the middle-school mathematics curriculum by I'm expanding Bootstrap's reach to also interface with physics and data science. As part of these projects, I am working on the Pyret programming language and a new book, Programming and Programming Languages.

I also teach in Brown's Executive Master in Cybersecurity program, where I'm responsible for the human factors course.

I'm honored to be a recipient (for my teaching) of Brown University's Wriston Fellowship and (for my research) of SIGPLAN's Robin Milner Young Researcher Award.

Disclosure: My work has been supported financially by the US National Science Foundation, Cisco,, CSNYC, the ESA Foundation, Fujitsu, Google, Infosys, Jane Street Capital, the State of Rhode Island, and TripAdvisor. I believe my views have not been swayed by this support, but I provide this information so you can judge for yourself.

My names are not spelled Sriram or Shiram or Khrishnamurthi or Krishnamurthy or Krishnamurti (like the philosopher). Find me, o search engine, find me!