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Brook Conner and Tom Meyer suggest in WAXweb: Toward Dynamic MOO-based VRML that multi-media (video and audio) nodes should be added to VRML. I have finished a variant of the Silicon Graphics Open Inventor (TM) SoTexture2 node called AnimatedTexture2, which textures objects with a MPEG movie or an NV (network video) MBONE video stream.

Please note that AnimatedTexture2 has only been tested on a few machines (see install page) but should work fine on any machine running Open Inventor with texture mapping in hardware.

  • Information on the beta version NEW!
  • Installation instructions (source distribution)
  • Installation instructions (binary distribution)
  • Fixing problems
  • ooMPEG (Reentrant, multi-threaded MPEG decoder in C++) (needed for AnimatedTexture2)
  • Testing the package with the texture program
  • To do list: things to do, bugs to kill, etc.
  • Version History
  • Other real time animated texture map packages
  • Snapshot gallery

    Thanks to...

    Andy van Dam for the lab
    Brook Conner for the idea and guidance
    Tom Meyer for the idea and constant, in the lab, guidance
    Tim Miller for SGI system administrating
    Gavin Bell for Open Inventor help and the original FastTexture2 code that AnimatedTexture2 is based on
    John Bazik for package release help
    Ely and the whole graphics group for comic relief
    Silicon Graphics Inc. for generously donating the Onyx Reality Engine 2 on which this package was created
    tstaff (Brown) for keeping all the machines running, and replacing the keyboards rendered inoperable by liquids
    Roger Allen (SGI) for testing
    Everyone I've forgotten

    Open Inventor is a trademark of Silicon Graphics, Inc.
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