Testing AnimatedTexture2 with the texture program

In order to use the texture program, you need some MPEG format movies.
Some neato MPEG movie archives are listed at Yahoo under MPEG archives

One of my favorites is eggclock.mpg, available at:

Program options

texture [-46wnd -t object -x num -y num -f freq] [-n || -locpm movie ...]
        -l, loop (default)
        -o, once
        -c, cycle through movies

        -4, 4 face cube filled with movies
        -6, 6 face cube filled with movies
        -p, do not fill faces with movies

        -m, no multi-threading
        -w, write a scene graph to movie.iv
        -n, no movie, just the object
        -d, deform face
        -t [cone|cylinder|sphere|cube|surface|mesh], texture onto an object
        -x num, Set resolution in x for mesh object (>1)
        -y num, Set resolution in y for mesh object (>1)
        -f freq, Set timer frequency for deformations (>0)


lsh@cs.brown.edu (Loring Holden)
this page is http://www.cs.brown.edu/software/AnimatedTexture2/texture.html

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