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History Log

August 6, 1996

The global index now contains entries for the following proceedings:

The home page has been changed to reflect a change in Memex and Beyond site development strategy. The first priority for site development is to complete the basic structure, which includes adding 1) abstracts for all the hypertext conference proceedings, 2) key papers that have not been published in the proceedings, 3) links from the archives to the index, 4) links from the index into the archives, 5) See Also-based guided trails, 6) key profiles for leading pioneers such as Doug Engelbart, and 7) completing the basic index.

When that work is complete, work on the graphical, spatial, and semantic navigators will proceed.

July 26, 1996


Text of Hypertext '87 Keynote Address by Andries van Dam, of Brown University. Highlights include brief histories of HES and FRESS, and van Dam's own Nine Issues, which dovetail nicely with Halasz' Seven Issues (which paper also appeared at this conference.

July 14, 1996

The only new addition to the site this week, beyond cosmetic changes to buttons, is the Feedback Interchange page - for the last two weeks I have been deeply immersed in indexing Gosling, Joy, and Steele's "Java Language Specification", which will benefit the site in the long term. I hope to complete the base-level index and spatial navigators within the next two weeks.

July 6, 1996

Abstracts from the Hypertext '87 Proceedings

Extracts from ACM Interactions article on the Brown University/MIT Bush Symposium and notes from the Symposium panels

Web-related additions to the Bibliography: Vannevar Bush, Eastgate Systems, and the Electronic Labyrinth.

July 1, 1996

Rough draft of the global index added.

External web links for:


Berners-Lee, Tim, Bernstein, Mark, Landow, George P., Marshall, Catherine C., Streitz, Norbert A., van Dam, Andries,


DOLPHIN, gIBIS, Intermedia, NoteCards, SEPIA, Storyspace, VIKI, World-Wide Web, Xanadu,


CERN, Brown University, GMD-IPSI Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Xerox PARC,

June 23, 1996

Basic structural components of the site in place: graphical navigator, bibliography, conferences, people, projects, and institutions.

Archives include abstracts for Hypertext '96 papers.