"The Brown/MIT Vannevar Bush Symposium"

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The Brown/MIT Vannevar Bush Symposium

Symposium Program

Thursday, October 12

Opening Remarks

Andries van Dam, Program Chair

Paul Penfield, Jr., MIT Host

Paul Kahn, "Memex Historian"

Douglas Engelbart - The Strategic Pursuit of Collective IQ

Theodor Holm Nelson - Where the Trail Leads

Robert Kahn - Augmenting Bush's Vision with Digital Technology

Tim Berners-Lee - Hypertext and Our Collective Destiny

Michael Lesk - The Seven Ages of Information Retrieval

Day 1 Panel

Douglas Adams - Banquet Speaker

Friday, October 13

Nicholas Negroponte - Being Digital

Raj Reddy - Bush's Intelligent Systems Revisited

Lee Sproull - Information is Not Enough: Computer Support for Productive Work

Alan Kay - Simex: the Neglected Part of Bush's Vision

Day 2 Panel

Closing Remarks

"The Interactions Article provides extended quotes from "50 Years After 'As We May Think': The Brown/MIT Vannevar Bush Symposium", published in the March 1996 issue of Interactions, a bimonthly publication of ACM. Publication is by permission of ACM. The full text of the article includes diagrams that tie together the themes of the Symposium, photographs and mini-biographies of the participants, and sidebars on the technology used at the Symposium and the future of hypertext.

Notes from the Panels provides selected notes from the panels that closed each day of the Symposium.

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