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Date Topic Milestone1 Extras Quiz2
Th Jan 25 Course Introduction How to Read a Paper Q1
Tu Jan 30 Distributed Systems M0: Setup & Searching Node.js, Google Q2
Th Feb 1 Nodes & Servers Barrelfish, SEDA Q3
Tu Feb 6 Communication & Serialization M1: (De-)Serialization Cornflakes or Zerializer Q4
Th Feb 8 Time and the Ordering of Events Time, Clocks, & Ordering Q5
Tu Feb 13 Models of Distribution M2: Actors & RPCs Hints on Designing Systems Q6
Th Feb 15 Broadcast & Gossip Gossip: Promise and Limitations Q7
Tu Feb 20 M3: Groups & Gossip
Th Feb 22 Replication Lamport video Q8
Tu Feb 27 Data Sharding / Partitioning M4: Sharding only §1.3–1.5 of CH; Hyperdex Q9
Th Feb 29 Data Routing and DHTs Chord Q10
Tu Mar 5 Review project teams due
Th Mar 7 Exam 1
Tu Mar 12 Distributed Processing: MapReduce MapReduce & Spark Q11
Th Mar 14 Prof. Mamouras: Distributed Stream Processing Concurrent MoCs, pg 27-33 Q12
Tu Mar 19 Implementation of Distributed Processing + ESF M5: Distributed Processing DiSh Q13
Th Mar 21 Internals of Distributed Processing Q14
Tu Mar 26
Th Mar 28
Tu Apr 2 State Replication M6: Cloud Deployment Consistency; Writing: 1, 2, 3 Q15
Th Apr 4 Dr. Demoulin: DBOS — Transactional Serverless Final Paper & Poster Apiary, DBOS Q16
Tu Apr 9 Consensus Paxos, Raft Q17
Th Apr 11 Byzantine Fault Tolerance pBFT Q18
Tu Apr 16 Consistency Linearizability Q19
Th Apr 18 Prof. Kalavri: Secure Distributed Analytics Secrecy; TVA Q20
Tu Apr 23 Recap / rethink ( submit poster!) Scalability COST
Th Apr 25 Exam 2
Fr Apr 26 Poster Session: noon–1:30pm @ CIT 3rd floor

1: They come out on Tuesday and they are due on the next Monday 11:59pm.
2: They can be completed at any time on the day the quiz is released.