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Milestone 2 #

Collaboration: Individual milestone
Completion: About 10–12 hours
Deadline: Monday Feb. 21, 2024 (11:59PM ET) Latest handout version: CS1380:2024:M2
GitHub repo:

The goal of this milestone is to build a simple actor framework with associated runtime support. Actors are event-driven processes that, in response to incoming messages, take a set of actions — e.g.,compute something locally, respond to a message, send more messages to other actors, or interact with persistent local storage. Actors are also stateful, and can update their (and each other’s) state through messages — that is, they do not share any state with each other by default (e.g., global variables etc.). Their state includes the set of events they respond to and the kinds of actions they take as a response to these events. The actor system developed as part of this milestone is quite expressive, allowing actors to update the set of functions other actors use to respond to incoming messages — augmenting and extending their functionality at runtime.