In 2023, we added sections to CS 300: we split the class into smaller groups and had them meet every two weeks to review material, discuss, and complete exercises. Here's some of what students said they liked about sections:

Section Times

Please sign up for a section on CAB. You can find the section times below. There are no sections on Fridays or Sundays.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
11am – 12pm S1: CIT 269 (CAB: C01) S4: CIT 241 (CAB: C04) ❌ overflow (CAB: C11)
12pm – 1pm S10: CIT 269 (CAB: C10)
3pm – 4pm S5: CIT 101 (CAB: C05)
4pm – 5pm S6: CIT 101 (CAB: C06) S7: Barus & Holley 157 (CAB: C07)
5pm – 6pm
6pm – 7pm S2: CIT 101 (CAB: C02)
7pm – 8pm S3: Smith-Buonanno 206 (CAB: C03) S8: Smith-Buonanno 101 (CAB: C08)
8pm – 9pm S9: Barus & Holley 161 (CAB: C09)
Remote Students and CSCI 1310 Students

If you are in the online version of CS 300 (S02), your section signup will depend on your situation:

If you are in the graduate course, CS 1310, you should sign up for a section under CS 300 on CAB.

Section Rules

Here's how sections in CS 300 work:

Sections are not gear-ups or TA hours. They serve to review material, have it explained again in different words, and to address your conceptual questions.