Lectures take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1-1:50PM over Zoom. The lecture notes will be updated after every class.

Date Topic Lecture Capture
Nov 20 Wrap-up (no notes) video
Nov 20 Program verification video
Nov 18 Quicksort and random testing video
Nov 16 Merge sort, continued (notes delayed) video
Nov 13 Merge sort (notes delayed) video
Nov 11 More sorting (notes delayed) video
Nov 9 Sorting intro (notes delayed) video
Nov 6 Scraping web data video
Nov 4 Expression trees (notes delayed) video
Nov 2 Final project, last word on binary search trees (notes delayed) video
Oct 30 More binary search trees (notes delayed) video
Oct 28 Binary search trees (notes delayed) video
Oct 26 Exceptions (notes delayed) video
Oct 23 More linked lists video
Oct 21 Linked lists video
Oct 19 Designing object-oriented programs video
Oct 16 Testing programs with objects, inheritance video
Oct 14 Polymorphism video
Oct 9 How programs with objects execute video
Oct 7 More tree functions, introduction to objects video
Oct 5 Recursive functions on trees video
Oct 2 Tree-structured data: documents video
Sep 30 Data structure performance (no notes today, but see these 111 notes) video
Sep 28 More program performance, big-O notation video
Sep 25 Program performance video
Sep 23 Machine learning and Project 1 (no notes) video
Sep 21 More breaking down problems video
Sep 18 More testing, comprehensions, breaking down problems video
Sep 16 Sets, memory, and testing video
Sep 14 Lists, hashtables, and sets video
Sep 11 Working with text files video
Sep 9 Course intro video