XMX Year 2000 Compliance

All versions of XMX are Year 2000 compliant

XMX is unaware of the date. It neither stores nor manipulates absolute dates at any time during its operation. It does use system time for timestamping, as described next, but this is not a year 2000 issue.


The X Protocol specifies that certain requests, replies and events contain timestamps. From Scheifler & Gettys, X Window System, Third Edition, pp. 312:
A timestamp is a time value, expressed in milliseconds. It typically is the time since the last server reset. Timestamp values wrap around (after about 49.7 days).
XMX does query the system for the current time, and it performs arithmetic on both system time values and those sent from the X servers and clients to which it connects. But because all system time values are converted to timestamps, XMX will not notice when UNIX system time wraps around in 2038.


Please note that the information on this page is based on the author's understanding of his own code. XMX has not been tested for year 2000 compliance. No warrantee or guarantee is made or implied that it is free of defects, y2k or otherwise. This information is provided subject to the limitations, restrictions and disclaimers of the copyright notice under which XMX is distributed.

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