Foundations of Prescriptive Analytics

Training Sessions | Lectures Course materials are posted on Piazza
Week Topic Release* Due*
I September 5th, no class
II September 12th, Intro. to Prescriptive Analytics P0
III September 19th, Boolean Satisfiability PI P0
IV September 26th, Modern SAT Solvers
V October 3rd, From Booleans to Richer Domains PI
VI October 10rd, Toward Global Constraints PII
VII October 17rd, Search Guidance
VIII October 24th, Linear Programming PIII PII
IX October 31st, Integer Programming
X November 7th, Approximation Algorithms
Airline Maintenance Optimization
XI November 14th, Local Search Metaheuristics
XII November 21st, Thanksgiving week, no class PV PIV
XIII November 28th, Metaheuristics Cont.
XIV December 5th, Hybrid Methods
Healthcare Analytics
XIV December 12th, Team Presentations PV
(*) subject to change.