Foundations of Prescriptive Analytics

Events | Projects Olympic Sports Handouts and Support Code are posted on Course Piazza More than 2700 years ago, ancient Olympic games were held in a Greek city called Olympia located in the outskirts of western Peloponnese. Centuries later, in 1896, the first modern Olympics as we know it today were reborn in Athens. The quest for achieving better results continues as we also strive to accomplish in CS2951-O!

Project Result Technology Domain Application Release* Due*
0 Warmup Olympia Screennames Sept. 12 Sept. 17
I Leaderboard Boolean
Automative Industry Mass Customization Sept. 19 Oct. 6
II Leaderboard Constraint
Human Capital Management Workforce Scheduling Oct. 10 Oct. 24
III Leaderboard Linear
Supply Chain Management Facility Location / Customer Allocation Oct. 27 Nov. 7
IV Leaderboard Integer
Healthcare Analytics Testcase Diagnosis Nov. 7 Nov. 21
V Visualizer | Leaderboard Local Search
Logistics Transportation Nov. 14 Dec. 11
(*) subject to change.