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  • 11/14: Slight change: switched Mars and Piccolo, see schedule.

  • 11/13: List of papers updated to all but the last class!

  • 11/08: Choose the papers you want to read. Deadline is Thursday, Nov 10.

  • 9/14: Syllabus updated with grading, milestones, project info!

  • 9/14: Readings for tomorrow out, GFS paper and an article about its evolution.
    See the schedule for more info!
  • 9/12: Readings for tomorrow out, see the schedule page.

  • 09/12: Please join the group
    You can start here or sending an email to here.
  • 09/12: Homework 0 is out!

  • 09/08: Welcome
    Watch this space for important announcements!