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Date Lecture Notes Readings
Thu 09/08 Intro
[pdf] [pptx]
Skim Lin and Dyer Ch 1, Barroso and Hölze, Ch 1,3. This is related to what we read in class. LinBook, BarrosoBook
Tue 09/13 (S) MapReduce
No reviews due, but read the paper carefully. MapReduce04
Thu 09/15 (S) Google File System
Review for GFS only. Hammurabi presents. GFS03 [Hammurabi], GFSEvolution
Tue 09/20 (A) MapReduce Algorithmic Strategies I
Read only Sections 3.2, 3.3 from Lin's Book. Review required for Kiefer LinBook 3.2, 3.3 Kiefer10Pairwise
Graph Processing
Thu 09/22 (A) Graph Processing with MapReduce
Review required. Content is similar to Chapter 5 of Lin's book Lin10Graph
Tue 09/27 (A) Graph Algorithms in MapReduce
Guest lecture Matteo Riondatto. No reviews for Cohen09Graph, optional for Pegasus. Kang09Pegasus, Cohen09Graph
Thu 09/29 (S) Alternatives for Graph Processing
Review required Malewicz10Pregel [Marcelo]
Fri 09/30 Draft Project Proposals Due, 11:59pm
Tue 10/04 In-class Project Proposal Discussion
Thu 10/06 Data Warehousing on MapReduce
Guest Lecture, Ali Dasdan, Turn, Inc. Review Required only for Cheetah Chen10Cheetah [Review]
Fri 10/07 Project Proposals Due, 11:59pm
Machine Learning
Tue 10/11 Machine Learning I
Review required for Chu06MLMulticore Chu06MLMulticore, Ghoting11SystemML [Optional]
Thu 10/13 Machine Learning II - Spark
Review required Zaharia11Spark [Alex]
Tue 10/18 (S) GraphLab
Review required. Low11GraphLabTR [Jonathan]
Thu 10/20 (S) General Framework - Dryad
Review required Isard07Dryad
Tue 10/25 No class, Rodrigo away
Thu 10/27 Guest lecture - Andrew Ferguson
Computational Biology
Tue 11/01 Comp Bio I
Review for Cloudburst Taylor10Overview, Schatz09Cloudburst [Max]
Thu 11/03 Comp Bio II
Simpler review for both, check email Menon11Genome [Feng], Jackson10DeNovoMPI [Peter]
Tue 11/08 Balanced Systems
(Normal) Review Required TritonSort
Thu 11/10 In-class Project Progress Report
Tue 11/15 MapReduce on GPUs
Review required for Mars. Skim MultiGPU, focus on what it improves over Mars. Mars [Aditya], MultiGPU [Optional]
Thu 11/17 Piccolo
Review required Piccolo [Andrew]
Tue 11/22 Stragglers and Hotspots
Rodrigo away. Marcelo will present an overview of two techniques to cope with imbalance. Mantri, Scarlett
Fri 11/25 Thanksgiving
Tue 11/29 High-level Languages
Both reviews required. Hive [Qun], Pig [Marcus]
Thu 12/01 Sharing
Review required. Mesos [Li]
Tue 12/06 Workflow
Last class! FlumeJava [James]
Thu 12/08 Reading Period
Tue 12/13 Project Presentations
368 CIT, time TBD
Sat 12/17 No Class
Final Project Reports Due, 11:59pm

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