Interface Position

All Superinterfaces:
Accessor, Decorable
All Known Subinterfaces:
Edge, Face, Vertex
All Known Implementing Classes:
NodeBinaryTree.NBTNode, NodeSequence.FNSNode

public interface Position
extends Accessor, Decorable

An abstraction of the notion of a "place" in a container -- where an element is stored relative to other elements in the container. (A node of a tree and a vertex of a graph are examples of positions.) Conceptually, what Position adds to Accessor's ability to get an element is the ability to get such topological information; but the nature of the topological information varies with the container, so there are no new methods here.

When a position is no longer used by the container it is marked as invalid and any subsequent use of that position provokes an InvalidAccessorException. An InvalidAccessorException is also thrown when a Position belongs to a different container (either a container of a different type, or another container of this same type).

Two possible implementations of a position: as a wrapper around an index into an array, or as a reference to a node.

$Id: Position.java,v 1.3 2000/01/12 03:21:33 mdh Exp $
Mark Handy (mdh), Benoit Hudson (bh), Andrew Schwerin (schwerin), Michael T. Goodrich, Roberto Tamassia
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