Interface OrderedDictionary

All Superinterfaces:
Container, Dictionary, InspectableContainer, InspectableDictionary, InspectableKeyBasedContainer, InspectableOrderedDictionary, KeyBasedContainer
All Known Implementing Classes:
ArraySkipList, RedBlackTree

public interface OrderedDictionary
extends InspectableOrderedDictionary, Dictionary

A Dictionary in which the keys are totally ordered. That is, given a set of keys, S, where a and b are elements of S, exactly one of the following properties holds:

This extension of the concept of a dictionary allows ordered dictionaries to be traversed through sequentially; the order is guaranteed to be the order of the keys (except that no order is guaranteed for equal keys).

$Id: OrderedDictionary.java,v 1.1 1999/06/21 22:31:51 lv Exp $
Mark Handy, Luca Vismara, Andrew Schwerin
See Also:
InspectableOrderedDictionary, Dictionary

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