If you have any questions about the course, feel free to e-mail either of the TA lists!

Head TA list: cs1971headtas@lists.brown.edu

Full TA list: cs1971tas@lists.brown.edu

All hours are held in CIT 205. Sign up for design checks using the cs1971_signup script. If you need help specific to your final project, you can work out a time to meet with your mentor TA. Or just go to hours, perhaps someone will be able to help you!

Saturday 8-10 pm dmayans
Sunday 2-4 pm tschicke
Monday 6-8 pm battal
Monday 8-10 pm jmhao


Barbara Meier (bjm) - Professor

David Mayans (dmayans) - HTA

Jeff Hao (jmhao)

Ben Attal (battal)

Tyler Schicke (tschicke)