Lectures will not be recorded this semester, but the videos from 2012 are available: 2012 CS1760 Lecture Videos.

Date Topic
September 7 Introduction
September 12 Mutual Exclusion
September 14 Mutual Exclusion Continued [same]
September 19 Concurrent Objects
September 21 Concurrent Objects Continued [same]
September 26 Foundations of Shared Memory
September 28 Foundations of Shared Memory Continued [same]
October 3 Consensus
October 5 Relative Power of Synchronization Operations
October 10 Spin Locks
October 12 Spin Locks Continued [same]
October 17 (No Class)
October 19 First Midterm
October 24 Linked Lists
October 26 Linked Lists Continued [same]
October 31 Concurrent Queues and Stacks
November 2 Concurrent Queues and Stacks Continued [same]
November 7 Barriers
November 9 Second Midterm
November 14 Hashing and Natural Paralellism
November 16 Counting Networks
November 21 Futures, Scheduling, and Work Distribution
November 23 (No Class)
November 28 Futures, Scheduling, and Work Distribution [same]
November 30
December 5 Transactional Memory
December 7 Third Midterm