Lectures will not be recorded this semester, but the videos from 2012 are available: 2012 CS1760 Lecture Videos.

Date Topic
September 6 Introduction (PDF)
September 11 Mutual Exclusion (PDF)
September 13 Concurrent Objects (PDF)
September 18 Concurrent Objects
September 20 Shared Memory
September 25 Shared Memory (PDF)
September 27 Consensus (PDF)
October 2 Consensus
October 4 Universality of Consensus (PDF)
October 9 Spin Locks (PDF)
October 11 Spin Locks
October 16 Linked Lists (PDF)
October 18 First Midterm
October 23 Linked Lists
October 25 Monitors
October 30 Concurrent Queues and Stacks (PDF)
November 1 Queues and Stacks
November 6 Barriers (PDF)
November 8 Hash Maps (PDF)
November 13 Hash Maps
November 15 Second Midterm
November 20 Skiplists (PDF)
November 22 (No Class)
November 27 Counting Networks (PDF)
November 29 Futures, Scheduling, and Work Distribution (PDF)
December 4 Data Parallelism (PDF)
December 6 Transactional Memory (PDF)
December 11 Third Midterm