Unless otherwise specified, assignments are due at 12:59pm on their due date, all written answers must be typed and saved in pdf format, and these instructions should be followed to hand in your homework. Note that 12:59pm is right before class (not midnight)! Solutions for previous homeworks will be posted to NB.

If you plan to take the course for capstone credit, you will need to complete an additional project. See here for information on the packet-filtering project, which fulfills this requirement. Please note that if you don't plan on taking the course for capstone credit this project is not required.

Assignment Date out Date due
Homework 1 9/9 9/15
Homework 2 9/14 9/21
Homework 3 9/21 9/28
Homework 4 9/28 10/5
Homework 5 10/25 11/2
Homework 6 10/31 11/7
Homework 7 11/14 11/21
Homework 8 11/21 11/30