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10.1 Who We Are
10.2 Hours
10.3 How to Contact Us
10.4 What to Not Do
10.5 Want Advice?

10 Staff and Contact

    10.1 Who We Are

    10.2 Hours

    10.3 How to Contact Us

    10.4 What to Not Do

    10.5 Want Advice?

Note: All email addresses below have an @cs.brown.edu suffix except the lists at the bottom.

10.1 Who We Are



Shriram Krishnamurthi



Grad TA


Jack Wrenn



Head TA


Charlie Cutting




Andrew Wagner





Peter Hahn




Ryan Hecht




Jacob Leiken




Nicole Steinberg




Sam Waxman



10.2 Hours

For Shriram’s hours, see his calendar page.

All other hours are listed on this calendar.

10.3 How to Contact Us

Please subscribe to our course discussion site. Use the code 1973 to join.

Please be careful with your posts. They should not give away solutions. In general, it’s a bad idea to include code or math in a post unless you can be quite sure it’s not revealing a solution (wait for course staff to ask you to do so).

Your posts there are anonymous to other students but not to the course staff.

Any question you post there is private by default, i.e., it will only be seen by course staff (including the professor). Therefore, you can freely ask questions without worrying about violations of course collaboration policy.

Unless your issue is confidential in some way, please use Campuswire, not email, as your first point of contact.

Please do not use the Direct Messaging feature of Campuswire. This is part of respecting the time of your course staff; please read below.

If you have questions about a grade on an assignment, first come to the hours of the TA who graded you. If you are still not satisfied, you can escalate your complaint.

10.4 What to Not Do

Excluding confidential issues, please do not write to individual course staff unless they have asked you to do so; if you write a course staff member directly, they will ignore your message. All course staff have an existence outside the context of this course, and their time when they aren’t working as a TA is their own. Instead, always post to Campuswire. This will not only get you the next available person on duty, it will also get you quicker responses.

When replying to email, always group-reply (a.k.a., “reply all”) unless you have a good reason not to.

10.5 Want Advice?

If you have a question unrelated to the course and just want one of the staff’s advice, do ask us. We’re friendly and eager to answer questions though, of course, we cannot commit to responding to emails not related to the course in a timely manner.