Try Email First

Many of the inquiries I get can usually be handled by email—in fact, sometimes email is a much better way to handle them. Therefore, I recommend you contact me by email first, unless you believe email is going to be inappropriate or ineffective for what you want to discuss.

Office Hours

During Spring 2024 I am on sabbatical. Therefore, I do not have office hours, and I am mostly avoiding meetings to focus on long-term projects. Nevertheless, if you want to meet, please see below.

If That Won't Work

If you can't make my office hours, please send me mail to schedule a slot. But first:

  1. Check my travel dates below to confirm I'm in town.
  2. Then check my calendar below to confirm I'm free.

Please pick times between 9am and 1pm. Depending on the day I may want to meet on Zoom, so if it's important that we meet in person, please indicate that in your message. Do always give multiple suggestions, since I may have constraints that are not visible in my calendar.

Please try to avoid asking for times in the evenings or weekends, unless absolutely necessary. Professors have families and other obligations.

My Calendar

Note: due to the vagaries of Google Calendar, please:

(Don't blame me, blame Google.)

Travel Schedule (Unavailable on These Days)

Date(s) Location Event
2024‑06‑02 to 2024‑06‑24 München, Tübingen, Karlsruhe, Wadern, Germany TUM/LMU; UniBw; Uni.-Tübingen; Uni.-Karlsruhe; Dagstuhl 24251; personal