0. I find that it takes an awful lot of time just to schedule an appointment. This is partly because I work like a maker but have to schedule like a manager. In addition, many people send unclear, underspecified, or even just incorrect appointment scheduling requests. I therefore suggest starting the conversation with email. Many things are quite easy to take care of that way, and proceed a lot quicker.

Otherwise, to schedule an in-person meeting:

1. Make sure I'm in town. [show/hide]

2. Check my general week schedule.

I will next have formal office hours in Fall 2019. In the meanwhile, meetings will be on request.

I am generally guaranteed to be in 11am to 2pm. Some days I come in by 9am and leave at 2pm; other days I come in around 11am and stay until around 4pm. I'm devoting the rest of my time to thinking, writing, and research, but my office is generally not conducive to those activities.

3. Make sure I'm free on a specific day.

To request a meeting, view my calendar below. As you do:


4. Pick a time.

If you absolutely can't make it between 11am and 2pm, see whether my calendar has other entries on a day:

Please suggest more than one date and time, because I may have constraints not publicly visible in my calendar.

5. Send me Email.