7.2 Mystery Languages

These assignments refer to the 2018 problem statements. However, please note these major differences:
  • This year, you are not asked to write theories. You only need to produce classifiers.

  • The time to spend before seeking help has been reduced.

  • The assignment pages link to 2018 submission forms. Please do not use them; use the 2019 forms instead, which are on this site.

To do these assignments, see the setup guide, but instead:
  • use DrRacket 7.4 (the same version as for everything else in the course), and

  • take your package from this link (copy the link from here, so you get the .git suffix) instead of the one given on that page.

Note the instructions about the Dependencies Mode in the setup guide.

    7.2.1 C: Numbers, Conditionals

    7.2.2 C: Scope

    7.2.3 C: Function Calls

    7.2.4 C: Fields

    7.2.5 C: Mutable Variables

    7.2.6 C: Mutable Structures

    7.2.7 C: Evaluation Order