7.1 Quizius

First, install the SMoL family of languages, following the instructions there. Please look out for announcements on the forum to update. Update instructions are also on the repository’s page.

In these assignments, you will use Quizius to do two things:
  • Read programs submitted by others, and explain what value they will produce.

  • Write interesting programs for others to answer.

  • Please write only one program at a time. You can submit multiple programs in Quizius.

  • Quizius will ask you for your institution. It’s “Brown University”.

  • Remember what makes a program “interesting”? See the Anticipated Frequent Questions.

  • The programs you submit should not contain comments or test cases that reveal their answer.

  • Before you submit your own programs, make sure you have run them. The programs you submit must not have any unintentional errors (they may contain intentional ones); please avoid submitting programs with syntax errors like mismatched parentheses).

  • In contrast, when answering others’ programs, do not run the program! We already know what it does produce; we care very much what you think it produces! As long as you are conscientious, your grade will not be affected at all even if you get every single answer wrong. If necessary, re-read the Anticipated Frequent Questions to understand the grading policy and why we don’t want you to run these programs before answering.

    7.1.1 C: smol/fun

    7.1.2 C: smol/state

    7.1.3 C: smol/hof

    7.1.4 C: smol/dyn-scope-is-bad

    7.1.5 C: smol/cc