Please see my calendar.

I actively use Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter (for now), and Mastodon.

I sometimes answer questions on Quora.

Some of my work is public on GitHub.

Mainly to avoid identity theft, I also have an account on LinkedIn.

Note that any accounts other than the above are not mine.

Brown CS student:
Email away! I'm here for you! But first: please follow this advice when writing your email.

Non-CS Brown student:
Feel free to email me, though if it's about projects or startup opportunities, be forewarned that I'm unlikely to have time for them. But first: please follow this advice when writing your email.

Prospective intern, grad student, postdoc, research visitor, ...:
Thanks for your interest, but please read this first. If you don't I will know, and I'm afraid I will have to ignore your message.

In particular, if you are a prospective PhD student, you may find my FAQ useful. It will also help you understand why I ask you to read the above first.

Fellow researcher or educator:
Fire away!

Business or legal consulting:
I do a handful for interesting clients. Start here, and we'll move the conversation to the appropriate medium.

Anyone else:
Please understand that I get up to 100 non-spam email messages every day. If you are expecting me to do something for you (including reply), please follow this advice when writing your email.

My email address is <>.

Please note that I am trying to practice Slow Email, so don't expect instant replies.

Laura Dobler

But don't contact her to get in touch with me, schedule something with me, etc. I manage my own correspondence and calendar. Just contact me.

I work in the building known on campus as “the CIT”; see directions by various forms of transport.

My office number is 377. If you're sufficiently nerdy, you can think of it as 0400 - 1.

From the front entrance of the CIT, take the two sets of doors to get to the main atrium. Take either elevator up to the third floor. Exit the elevator and go past the stairs right in front of you to the atrium, in the direction of the glass windows. As you head in that direction, room 377 is along the wall to your left.

FAX: +1 401-863-7657 (please put my name on the cover sheet)

Email me to schedule a call. I have disconnected my office phone, so calling any official number you find is pointless.

For a shipper (like FedEx) who wants a street address, use

Shriram Krishnamurthi
Computer Science Department
Brown University
115 Waterman Street, FOURTH Floor
Providence, RI 02912
+1 401-863-7600 (department's reception, always staffed during working hours)
For regular postal mail, use
Shriram Krishnamurthi
Computer Science Department
Box 1910, Brown University
Providence, RI 02912-1910

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