Mert Akdere

makdere AT

Box 1910, Computer Science Department 
Brown University 
Providence, RI 02912

I completed my PhD studies in July, 2011 and started working at Google, Inc in Mountain View, CA. I will soon update this page with a link or redirection to my upcoming personal web page. Meanwhile, you can contact me via email for inquiries.

I am a PhD candidate at Brown University Computer Science Department since 2005. My advisor is Ugur Cetintemel. I have a B.S. in computer science from Bilkent University, Turkey and M.S. from Brown CS.

Research .
My research interests include query processing and optimization, data-driven scalable predictive modeling in database systems, distributed systems, and event/query processing on streaming data. My recent research is about the integration of prediction and analysis queries into database systems using statistical prediction models and methods. I also worked on a distributed visual sensor networks project where I applied probabilistic database techniques to tracking problems in collaboration with the LEMS group at the Brown Engineering Department. 










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