[picture] Anna Lysyanskaya

Professor of Computer Science
Brown University Box 1910
Providence, RI 02912

(401) 863-7600  *  anna at cs.brown.edu

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Welcome to my homepage! I am a Professor of Computer Science at the Computer Science department at Brown University.

My research area is Cryptography. Of particular importance in my research are privacy-enhancing technologies that allow individuals to go about their daily online lives without disclosing unnecessary personal data. I am most proud of my work on anonymous credentials and electronic cash. I am also interested in more broad and foundational cryptographic questions.

If you are a prospective Ph.D. student interested in Cryptography, I encourage you to apply to the Brown CS department.

Current Ph.D. students: Leah Rosenbloom, Scott Griffy

Past Ph.D. students:

In Fall 2021 I will teach "CSCI1510: Introduction to Cryptography and Computer Security".