National Science Foundation Science and Technology Centers

The National Science Foundation (NSF) established the Science and Technology Centers (STC) Program in 1987. The objective, in response to rising global competition, was to mount an innovative, interdisciplinary attack in important areas of basic research. The first STCs were established in 1989, more were added in 1991, and in a few short years they have grown from a new idea into a vital network of programs.

The STC Program is administered through the Office of Science and Technology Infrastructure at NSF.

Centers in the Biological Sciences (BIO)

Centers in Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE)

Centers in the Geosciences (GEO)

Centers in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS)

Centers in Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (SBE)

The Science and Technology Center Education brochure highlights some of the many educational initiatives of the 25 STCs.

The Science and Technology Center Knowledge Transfer brochure also provides a sampling of the knowledge transfer programs, highlighting the diversity and strength of research that is disseminated through the STCs.

The Science and Technology Center Research describes research conducted by the STCs.

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