Center Faculty and Staff

Principal Investigators

Al Barr, Caltech
Andy van Dam, Brown University
Henry Fuchs ,UNC
Don Greenberg, Cornell University
Chair, Policy Committee

Rich Riesenfeld, University of Utah
Center Director

Co-Principal Investigators

Elaine Cohen, University of Utah

John Hughes, Brown University

Other Center Faculty

James Arvo, Caltech

Gary Bishop, UNC

Sam Drake, Utah
Chuck Hansen, Utah
Christopher Johnson, Utah
David Laidlaw, Brown
Anselmo Lastra, UNC
Dinesh Manocha, UNC
Nancy Pollard, Brown
Peter Schröder, Caltech
Brent Seales, UNC (visiting from the University of Kentucky)
Peter Shirley, Utah

Ken Torrance, Cornell

Greg Welch, UNC

Administrative Staff

Scott Russell, UNC
Administrative Assistant to Henry Fuchs

Martin Berggren, Site Coordinator, Cornell
VTC, Networking and Systems

David Breen, Caltech
Assistant Director, Computer Graphics Laboratory

Mitch Collinsworth, Cornell

Karen Feinauer, Utah
Center Accountant

Louise Foucher, Caltech
Assistant to Al Barr

Caroline Green, UNC
Site Coordinator

Loring Holden, Brown
Site Coordinator

David Johnson, University of Utah
Site Coordinator

Lisa Manekofsky, Brown
Center Administrative Manager

Hurf Sheldon, Cornell
Primary Systems Manager

Rosemary Michelle Simpson, Brown

Anne Morgan Spalter, Brown
Center Outreach Coordinator

Linda Stephenson, Cornell
Assistant to Don Greenberg


Research Staff

Mark Blumenthal, Utah
David Breen, Caltech
Site Coordinator
Assistant Director, Computer Graphics Laboratory

Philip Dutre, Cornell
Post-Doctoral Associate

James Ferwerda, Cornell

Russ Fish, Utah
Systems Engineer

Andy Forsberg, Brown
User Interface Developer

David Johnson, Utah

Loring Holden, Brown
Software Engineer

Kurtis Keller, UNC

Eric Lafortune, Cornell
Post-Doctoral Associate

Timothy Miller, Brown
Software Manager

Roger Pates, Utah
Software Developer/Researcher

Sumant Pattanaik, Cornell
Research Associate

Moreno Piccolotto, Cornell
Research Associate

Herman Towles, UNC
Ben Trumbore, Cornell
Research Staff
Steve Westin, Cornell
Research Staff/Light Measurement Laboratory

Robert Zeleznik, Brown
Director of Research

The External Advisory Group

Dr. Robert F. Sproull, Chair of the External Advisory Group
VP and Fellow of Sun Microsystems Laboratories

Dr. Norman Badler
Professor, CIS and Director, University of Pennsylvania Center for Human Modeling and Simulation.

Dr. Ingrid Carlbom
Head of Image Synthesis and Recognition Research Department, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies

Dr. Donald Gaubatz
Consultant/Investor Multimedia/ATM Networking, Microprocessor Report Editorial Board

Dr. Rocoe Giles
Associate Professor, Boston University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
Director, Center for Computational Science, Boston University

Dr. Evelyn Hu
Professor, University of California Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Director, NSF STC for Quantized Electronic Structures

Dr. James J. Thomas
Chief Scientist, Information Sciences Department, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Dr. Michael Wozny
Professor, Department of Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Student Researchers

Directories of Post-Doc, Graduate, and Undergraduate researchers are maintained at individual sites.