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Information about particular topics

Partially observable Markov decision processes (POMDPs)

POMDP pages by Tony Cassandra (PhD '97)
Tutorials, papers, examples, and code.

Uncertainty in AI

Association for Uncertainty in AI
Non profit organization running the annual Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI).

Bayesian networks, belief networks, influence diagrams

[Hugin] Hugin

Hugin is a commercial product for constructing and evaluating Bayesian Networks.

Microsoft Research Decision Theory Group
The decision theory group investigating Bayesian Networks, at Microsoft. Jack Breese, David Heckerman, Eric Horvitz.
MIT, the Heart Disease Program
Assist physicians with the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease.
Almonds dir: software for belief networks
List of free and commercial implementation of Bayesian Networks.

Planning and scheduling

Abstraction Strips; software and papers
Intelligent Scheduling
IRIS Project IC-6: Intelligent Scheduling; description of project and pointers to other information
Strips planner software

[Brown] [Brown CS] [Research] [AI]

Don Blaheta / dpb@cs.brown.edu

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