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Learning Dynamical Systems: A Tutorial

This is the preface for a web-based tutorial on learning dynamical systems. The tutorial is organized as a hypertext document and includes a set of readings (some of which are available on the web), a set of html documents (providing context, explanations, definitions, and pointers to additional readings), and links to Mathematica packages and notebooks that allow readers to explore the main ideas described in the papers in an interactive computational setting.

The tutorial is produced concurrently with a course held at Brown University since the 1995 Fall semester. A preliminary syllabus is available for the course. You are cordially invited to follow along with the course, but we warn you that the web pages covering the tutorial material are under construction; existing pages will be revised and new pages will be added as the semester progresses. If you want to follow along in the fall and avoid running into pages under construction, we advise you to keep pace with the schedule outlined in the syllabus. We invite your suggestions for improving the tutorial.

Learning Dynamical Systems
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September, 1998