Nate Gillman Howdy!! I'm a PhD student at Brown University. I'm supported by Brown's Department of Mathematics and Department of Computer Science. I currently do research in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Right now I'm working on some projects in natural language processing and computer vision. In the past I also did research in number theory, cryptography, and some other fields of mathematics.

I completed my undergraduate degree at Wesleyan University. During my time in college I spent one semester at the Math in Moscow program and another at the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics program.

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  • [Nov-2021] In summer 2022, I'll be a machine learning intern in the Decision Science unit at American Express.
  • [Aug-2021] Our arXiv preprint shows that previous metrics have been used incorrectly to analyze word embedding spaces. We provide a mathematically sound method, which we call IsoScore. We give rigorous proofs and we share an efficient Python implementation.