CSCI1250 (CS125) Introduction to Animation

This course introduces students to the 3D computer animation production pipeline which includes script/story writing, production planning, creating geometric models and their surface properties, designing motion, staging and lighting the action, compositing rendered images with 2D effects, and editing them into a short finished film. For the first 8-10 weeks, students complete exercises that build on each other to learn basic skills in the use of 2D and 3D animation tools. The remainder of the course focuses on group projects that will result in a short finished animation.  The course aims to mimic the create-critique-improve cycle of a CG production house.

CSCI1280 (CS128) Intermediate Computer Animation

This course continues work begun in cs125 with deeper exploration of technical and artistic aspects of 3d computer animation including more sophisticated shading and lighting methods and character modeling, rigging, and animation.   After a series of exercises, students choose areas to explore independently and finally they create visual demonstrations of these areas.

CSCI1970 and CSCI2980 (section 28) Independent Study

If you are interested in an independent study project, read these guidelines.

CSCI1950-T Advanced Animation Production

In this course produce a high quality short animated film as a group using the skills and knowledge they’ve acquired in previous animation courses. Production will follow the industry standard pipeline that includes modeling, texturing, lighting, animating, rendering, and post production.  Interested students will perform preproduction story and concept design prior to beginning of course.