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page turners, 
	potential user interface feature for hypertext; Frisse(91)-67
	browsing mechanism in OpenBook system; Ichimura(229)-63
	design, impact on browsing semantics; Jones(16)-165
	storage, as issue for support of garbage-collectable pages; Gronbaek(15)-158
		as first-class objects; Loke(23)-235
		component in Extended Dexter model; Gronbaek(15)-155
		connecting to MOOs with CGI scripts; Dieberger(17)-174
		encorporating state into; Loke(23)-235
		programmable behavior, requirements for; Loke(23)-235
		transforming into live information entity; Loke(23)-235
		transient, management of by refSpecs; Gronbaek(15)-157
pair grammars, 
	creating hypertext structure from linear documents with; Nanard(191)-331
paper documents, 
	authoring environments for, WE; Smith(100)-195
	benefits of; Walker(106)-312
	converting to hypertext; Frisse(91)-58, Raymond(96)-143
	interconnection techniques for; Collier(104)-270
	non-linear components of; Collier(104)-270
		limitations; Collier(104)-270
	preparation in NoteCards; Trigg(93)-103
	recovering the benefits of, 
		in online document systems; Walker(106)-320
		issues for; Oren(105)-293
	severe constraints imposed on OED; Raymond(96)-144
	vs electronic documentation, differences; Collier(104)-284
	See Also metaphors; models; 
		computing; Nuernberg(19)-194
		human computer interaction; Nuernberg(19)-194
		information organization; Nuernberg(19)-194
		operating systems; Nuernberg(19)-194
	information retrieval, Neural Approach to hypertext; Lelu(207)-112
	computation models for; Stotts(183)-219
	related information views, as aide to orientation and understanding; Kaltenbach(174)-91
	information items for reuse; Kaltenbach(174)-101
Paris guide system, 
	media-based navigation using Miyabi; Hirata(237)-159
partial order, 
	use with theoretical hypertext model; Garg(110)-377
partial semantic interpretation, 
	Hypertext '87 paper; Collier(104)-273
participant system, 
	characteristics and value; Oren(105)-302
	See Also paths; structure(s); 
	as hypertext research issue addressed by ABC graph server; Smith(180)-186
	as issue addressed by ABC; Smith(180)-190
	data model requirement for industrial software development, implications for hypertext systems design; Smith(180)-184
	HAM graphs, context objects used for; Campbell(87)-22
	hyperdocuments, as CYBERMAP aggregation method; Gloor(175)-109
	hypertext graphs, ACE methodology; Hara(173)-80
	hypertext nodes, 
		advantages for the selective inheritance of text; Kaindl(192)-345
		as hypertext structure representation; Kaindl(192)-345
	hypertext with contexts; Garg(110)-391
	informal knowledge representation use, as precursor to concrete formal representation; Kaindl(192)-351
	information spaces, 
		HAM context mechanism; Garg(110)-391
		with clusters; Weiss(18)-180
	internal structure of nodes represented through; Kaindl(192)-346
	Kernighan-Lin graph partition algorithm use by ACE; Hara(173)-84
	networks in Thoth-II; Collier(104)-284
		examples of frame-based hypertext use; Kaindl(192)-349
		represented with slots; Kaindl(192)-348
	nodes, explicit use in KEE; Kaindl(192)-347
	texts into hypertext nodes; Frisse(91)-58
	the hypermedia graph, ABC approach to; Smith(180)-179
	See Also clusters; information, retrieval; nodes; 
	decomposition into, 
		as document structure analysis tool; Salton(6)-53
		during hypertext generation; Hammwohner(97)-155
	as information retrieval unit; Salton(6)-53
		automatic extraction from large heterogeneous text collections; Salton(235)-131
		identifying with linked text structures; Salton(235)-131
	hypermedia systems, contrasted with active; Halasz(108)-360
	viewer model, value of; Oren(105)-301
	link and web management with, as an industrial hypermedia requirement; Malcolm(168)-21
	text database search tool, dynamic link resolution system use of; Tompa(234)-118
	authoring tools, mechanism requirement; Zellweger(54)-1
	beaten, navigational strategy used by hyperspeech (MIT Media Lab system); Arons(25)-134
	branching, term definition; Zellweger(54)-2
	concepts, criteria, and mechanisms; Zellweger(54)-1
	conditional, term definition; Zellweger(54)-2
	constructing in Storyspace; Bernstein(28)-250
	distinguished, software component library use of; Creech(169)-27
	global states compared with; Kendall(8)-77
	guided tours, 
		Hammond and Allinson; Zellweger(54)-6
		NoteCards; Zellweger(54)-6
	Link Apprentice construction of; Bernstein(157)-219
	marking with option to forget; Oren(105)-298
	mechanisms for, as attempt to solve hypertext disorientation problem; Botafogo(172)-63
	Memex trails; Zellweger(54)-6
	parallel, term definition; Zellweger(54)-3
	potential user interface feature for hypertext; Frisse(91)-67
	procedural, term definition; Zellweger(54)-2
	programmable, term definition; Zellweger(54)-2
	requirements in an industrial hypermedia environment; Malcolm(168)-21
	reuse issues; Garzotto(10)-94
	Scripted Documents, 
		as variable node precursor; Kendall(8)-77
		concepts and mechanisms; Zellweger(54)-7
		HyperCafe relationship to; Sawhney(1)-5
	sequential, term definition; Zellweger(54)-2
	storage mechanisms; Zellweger(54)-5
	through information spaces, 
		collaborative annotation use as, in Knowledge Weasel; Lawton(233)-106
		graphically-oriented query-based browsing systems use for; Charoenkitkarn(241)-206
	Trellis petri nets; Zellweger(54)-6
	user-constructed, HyperCafe plans for; Sawhney(1)-6
		HyperCafe relationship to; Sawhney(1)-5
		term definition; Zellweger(54)-2
	WE structure data type, how used; Smith(100)-207
		defining new, with Juggler; Dieberger(17)-175
		Juggler use for; Dieberger(17)-177
	See Also semantic(s); structure(s); 
	analysis of, in automatic link generation methods; Allan(5)-50
	and processes of taxonomic reasoning; Parunak(230)-73
	cognitive processes, set-based hypertext support of taxinomic reasoning; Parunak(230)-73
	design, interaction, providing support for; Schwabe(12)-127
	extracting, link apprentice use of lexical similarity measures for; Bernstein(28)-250
	graph, information retrieval using; Consens(134)-269
		as logic programming advantage; Loke(23)-236
		limitations as an information retrieval technique for hypertexts; Frisse(91)-59
		links as a class of link types; Allan(5)-43
		media-based navigation using, in Miyabi; Hirata(237)-159
	navigation, read wear concept use in Juggler; Dieberger(17)-176
	of alliteration, exploration with dot plots; Bernstein(28)-254
	of behavior, tools for studying as ABC component; Smith(180)-183
	of connection, extracting with search-based tools; Bernstein(28)-249
	recognition, in Lynx; Bernstein(28)-253
	recognizing, important for knowledge representation in extended hypertext; Marshall(103)-267
	structure-based queries using; Beeri(146)-68
	text-based queries, Kiosk use in structured software reuse library selection; Creech(169)-33
	user-created links, HieNet use for information retrieval; Wiil(225)-145
	navigation, graphically-oriented query-based browsing systems for; Charoenkitkarn(241)-206
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	See Also argumentation; artificial intelligence (AI); system(s), structured hypermedia; 
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programmers interface, 
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	Lisp used in NoteCards for; Trigg(93)-93
	See Also authoring; hypermedia, operating systems; 
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project management, 
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	components, interconnections among in DynamicDesign; Bigelow(111)-399
	design tool, DynamicDesign source code browser as a; Bigelow(111)-405
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		See Conklin bibliographic reference in Collier's paper for a detailed discussion of concepts and projects; 
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	See attributes; 
proprietary rights, 
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proprietory rights, 
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		characteristics for effective; Wright(167)-8
		hypertext disability mitigation; Wright(167)-1
	sensitive data, 
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	systems, hypermedia operating system advantages for; Nuernberg(19)-196
	characteristics as PHI implementation; McCall(152)-154
	See Also models; system(s); 
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	conflicting, deleterious effect on hypertext use in large industrial environments; Malcolm(168)-17
	Flag taxonomy; Osterbye(13)-129
	for exchanging information with third-party applications, as attribute for comparing open hypermedia systems; Osterbye(13)-129
	linking, as runtime interface between Flag viewer and session manager; Osterbye(13)-130
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