The schedule of classes is still being finalized, watch this space!


Date Lecture Notes Readings
Domain Knowledge
Tue 09/11 Lecture -- Introduction, Design of the Internet, Protocols
Tue 09/18 Lecture -- Programmable Data Planes
Also watch Scott Shenker's Talk The Future of Networking and the Past of Protocols RoadtoSDN [Short], P4 [Short], DAEIT [Short], NetCache [Long -- Optional]
Tue 09/25 Lecture -- Management, Metrics, Measurements
Discuss Class Projects Video QoE Metrics [Optional],
CoFlows [Short],
WebQoE [Short] SelfDriving Networks [Short],
Systems Thinking [Short],
OZapft [Short],
ML Background
Tue 10/02 Lecture -- Machine Learning
Select projects Papers to Come
Thu 10/09 Video Stream
ConfusedTimid [Long],
Penseive [Long -- Group A],
Oboe [Long -- Group B]
Tue 10/16 Data-driven CDNs
Guest Lecture: Mojgan Ghasemi
Project Proposals Due
Class Projects, Writing a Research Paper (,
Hints in Computer Systems Design (
Adaptsize [Long]
Tue 10/23 CDN
ConfigTron [Short]
EdgeFabric [Long -- Optional]
Pytheas [Long] -- [Group A],
CFA [Long] -- [Group B],
Diagnosis, Analysis and Troubleshooting
Tue 10/30 Diagnosis
NetPoirot [Long],
SNAP [Long] -- Group A]
Dapper [Long] -- [Group B]
Tue 11/06 Designing data-driven systems: measurement, analysis
Guest Lecture: Oliver Hohlfeld
Cloud and Data Centers
Tue 11/13 Security
Midterm Progress report IoTFUZZER [Optional],
DNNFUZZ [Optional],
DeepLog [Group B],
CloudSeer [Group A]
Tue 11/13 Cloud Configuration
Metis [Long] [Group B ],
selfDrivingDBMS [Short],
DBML [Long] -- [Optional],
CherryPick [Long] -- [Group A]
Tue 12/04 Final Presentations Due
Due 11:59pm, Video link, mailing list
Tue 12/18 Final Report Due
Due 11:59pm, txt, mailing list