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How can we design computer systems that protect users' privacy? This special topics course investigates this question.

Course Summary. The goal of CSCI 2390 is to understand privacy-related challenges for computer systems, learn what design trade-offs we face as engineers, and to identify new research directions that might help address these challenges. We will examine research papers on distributed system design, privacy-preserving, and secure computing techniques, and discuss how to apply these ideas in practice. The goal is to understand if, and how, we can answer questions like these:

We will look at web services, datacenter systems, distributed communication systems, and machine learning systems. During class, you will present and discuss papers, finish small hands-on assignments, work on a research project, and present your project at the end of the semester.

Enrollment. CSCI 2390 is a graduate-level class, but undergraduates are very welcome! Please check the prerequisites and email Malte if you're unsure whether you meet them.