Deep Learning in Genomics


All due dates are 11:59pm EST on the dates listed below.


Topic Assignment Files Out Due
0. Course Setup Form Link to form Thurs Jan. 21 Fri Jan. 29
1. Predicting from DNA Sequences HW1 Instructions Stencil, Data Tues Feb. 2 Tues Feb. 16
2. Histone Modifications to Gene Expression; Chromatin Conformation (HiC) HW2 Instructions Stencil (updated), Data (ZIP) Thurs Feb. 18 Thurs Mar. 4
3. scRNA and Autoencoders HW3 Instructions Stencil (updated), Data, Labels Tues Mar. 16 Thurs Apr. 1


Topic Assignment Files Out Due
1. Midterm Midterm Instructions Feb. 11 Mar 16/18 (Presentations), Mar. 23 (Report)
2. Final Final Instructions Mar. 24 Apr. 13/15 (Presentations), Apr. 20 (Report)