TA Hours

All hours are held in the CIT 271 (the Bowl of Robert Mustacchi.)

Tuesday 7pm-9pm scmonaha
Wednesday 4:30am-6:30pm arjun
Thursday 9pm-11pm endobson
Sunday 4pm-6pm jeakle

How to Ask Questions/Report Problems

If you have a question or want to report a problem, please send email to cs173tas at the domain cs.brown.edu. If we think your question is of general interest, we will reply to the 173 list; else, we'll reply to you directly.

When we reply to the list, we will not name you. This makes it easy for you to ask “dumb” questions (which you should ask, because you're almost certainly not the only person who has that question in mind). The only exception will be when we think you did something noteworthy and should be praised, in which cases we'll credit you. You can always ask us (in your message) to not name you.

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