Version: 4.1

10 Concurrency

PLT Scheme supports multiple threads of control within a program. Threads run concurrently, in the sense that one thread can preempt another without its cooperation, but threads currently all run on the same processor (i.e., the same underlying OS process and thread).

    10.1 Threads

      10.1.1 Creating Threads

      10.1.2 Suspending, Resuming, and Killing Threads

      10.1.3 Synchronizing Thread State

      10.1.4 Thread Mailboxes

    10.2 Synchronization

      10.2.1 Events

      10.2.2 Channels

      10.2.3 Semaphores

      10.2.4 Buffered Asynchronous Channels

    10.3 Thread-Local Storage

      10.3.1 Thread Cells

      10.3.2 Parameters