Version: 4.1

GUI: PLT Graphics Toolkit

This reference manual describes the GUI toolbox that is part of PLT Scheme and whose core is implemented by the MrEd executable.

 (require scheme/gui/base)

The scheme/gui/base library provides all of the class, interface, and procedure bindings defined in this manual. At run time, this library needs primitive graphics support that the MrEd executable provides; this library cannot run in MzScheme.

 #lang scheme/gui

The scheme/gui language combines all bindings of the scheme language and the scheme/gui/base modules.

    1 Overview

      1.1 Windowing

        1.1.1 Core Windowing Classes

        1.1.2 Geometry Management



 Defining New Types of Containers

        1.1.3 Mouse and Keyboard Events

        1.1.4 Event Dispatching and Eventspaces

 Event Types and Priorities

 Eventspaces and Threads

 Creating and Setting the Eventspace

 Exceptions and Continuation Jumps

      1.2 Drawing

      1.3 Editor

        1.3.1 Editor Structure and Terminology



        1.3.2 File Format

 Encoding Snips

   Snip Classes

   Editor Data

 Global Data: Headers and Footers

        1.3.3 End of Line Ambiguity

        1.3.4 Flattened Text

        1.3.5 Caret Ownership

        1.3.6 Cut and Paste Time Stamps

        1.3.7 Clickbacks

        1.3.8 Internal Editor Locks

        1.3.9 Editors and Threads

    2 Reference

      2.1 Windowing Classes

      2.2 Windowing Functions

        2.2.1 Dialogs

        2.2.2 Eventspaces

        2.2.3 System Menus

        2.2.4 Miscellaneous

      2.3 Drawing Classes

      2.4 Drawing Functions

        2.4.1 Global Graphics

        2.4.2 PostScript

        2.4.3 Drawing Object Lists

        2.4.4 Fonts

      2.5 Editor Classes

      2.6 Editor Functions

      2.7 WXME Decoding

        2.7.1 Snip Class Mapping

 Nested Editors


        2.7.2 DrScheme Comment Boxes

        2.7.3 DrScheme XML Boxes

        2.7.4 DrScheme Scheme Boxes

        2.7.5 DrScheme Text Boxes

        2.7.6 DrScheme Fractions

        2.7.7 DrScheme Teachpack Images

        2.7.8 DrScheme Test-Case Boxes

    3 Configuration

      3.1 Preferences

      3.2 Font Configuration

        3.2.1 Wildcards

        3.2.2 References

        3.2.3 Variables

        3.2.4 Wildcarding References

        3.2.5 Internal Preferences

        3.2.6 PostScript Fonts

    4 Dynamic Loading