Assignment requirements are subject to change until the assigned date–please refresh the document to ensure you are on the latest version. Any changes or clarifications to assignments after the assigned date will be announced on EdStem.

All assignments are due by 11:59 PM EDT on the listed due date, except where otherwise noted. Please see our course policies for details.

Programming Assignments

Assignment Assigned Due Resources
Project 1: Snowcast Sep 15 Sep 28 Milestone due by Sep. 21, 11:59pm
Container environment setup
Lab 1
Sockets demo code
UDP example
Language/Sockets resources
Project 2: IP Sept 30 Oct 24 Milestone due on/before Oct 11
Group assignment form
Lab 2 (Optional, extra credit)
IP-in-UDP example
Project 3: TCP Oct 28 Nov 22 Milestone I due on/before Nov 7
Milestone II due on/before Nov 17
TCP-in-IP example
Final project Nov 29 Dec 12

Homework Assignments

Assignment Assigned Due Resources/Solutions
Homework 0 Sep 8 Sep 13
Homework 2 October 8 October 14 Solutions
Homework 3 October 21 October 31 Solutions
Homework 4 November 11 November 18 Latex template for TCP table
ITU connectivity report

Late policy

See Late Policy on our syllabus.