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Staff 🥳

CS 300 is brought to you by these humans!

Malte Schwarzkopf (malte@cs), Instructor (he/him/his)

Hey! I'm Malte, and I have the pleasure of teaching CS300. I've lived in Germany, the UK, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. I like systems, sanitizers (the address, thread, undefined behavior, and hand variants) and all things historic. Ask me anything about Victorian architecture!

Ed Bielawa (ebielawa@cs), HTA (he/him/his)

Hi all! I'm Ed (like EdStem), a junior from Massachusetts studying math and CS. Besides systems and C/C++, I also enjoy hiking, playing games (board and video) and building model kits or Legos. Very excited to be one of your HTAs this semester! Ask me anything about the XCOM series or my collection of CS 300 memes!

Elizabeth Jones (eljones6@cs), HTA (she/her/hers)

Hey! I'm Liz and I'm excited to be your HTA!! I am a sophomore from Cincinnati studying CS. I love systems, playing video games, and my dog Doodle! Ask me anything about Celeste (or anything else :) )!

William Sun (wsun28@cs), HTA (he/him/his)

Hey y'all! I'm William (or Will), a third year studying CS. When I'm not doing systems, I enjoy video games, anime, music (J-pop or classical for the most part), and astronomy. Super excited to be your HTA for this semester! Ask me anything about rhythm games, music composition, or the Bee Movie!

Richard Tang (rtang26@cs), HTA (he/him/his)

Hi! I'm Richard, a junior from Ohio studying CS. Besides networking and operating systems, I like running, cafe hopping, and playing the viola. Super excited to be your HTA this semester! Ask me anything about Vim configurations, C++/Rust, and national parks 𓁹‿𓁹

Zack Amiton (zamiton@cs), UTA (he/him/his)

Hey y'all, Zack here! I'm a sophomore studying CS, originally from Portland, OR, though I grew up around Asia (Bangkok → Beijing → Bombay). Feel free to bug me about juggling, music (2023 goal is an album a day!), or board games...I brought 40 to campus!

Komron Aripov (karipov@cs), UTA (he/him/his)

Hello! I'm Komron, a sophomore from Samarkand, Uzbekistan, majoring in CS and some mathy things on the side. I love sleeping, watching movies in Page-Rob and skiing. On campus, I moonlight as an IMP mentor. Ask me anything about Rust, terminal multiplexers and running your own homelab!

Sebastian Criado (scriado@cs), UTA (he/him/his)

Hi everyone! I’m Sebastian, a junior from Virginia studying CS. I’m extremely excited to be UTAing this semester, and can’t wait to meet you all! My hobbies include skiing, gaming, and cooking, although I’m mediocre at best at all three. Having said that, feel free to talk to me about those or anything else!

Tomás Dougan (tdougan1@cs), UTA (he/him/his)

Hello! My name is Tomás, and I'm a sophomore from the beautiful town Athens, GA. I'm a big fan of formal proof & verification, programming languages, graphics, and C (my favorite language). And my non-CS related interests are olives, rock climbing, and drawing! Super excited to be your TA this semester!

Austin Funk (afunk3@cs), UTA (he/him/his)

Hi! I'm Austin, a sophomore from Virginia studying computer engineering. Outside of computer stuff, I enjoy board and video games (ask me about Smash and DnD), reading, and playing saxophone. I'm looking forward to being one of your UTAs this semester!

Aijah Garcia (agarci71@cs), UTA (she/her/hers)

Hi! I'm Aijah and I'm a sophomore from Albany, NY planning to concentrate in Applied Math and CS. I love spending time with friends doing anything from cliff jumping or skiing to knitting. For fun I enjoy dancing (I'm in a dance company here at Brown) and baking a mean batch of cinnamon rolls! I'm so excited to be your UTA this semester!

Nathan Harbison (nharbiso@cs), UTA (he/him/his)

Hi! I'm Nathan and I'm a sophomore from the DC area studying CS, math, and/or comparative literature. I love systems, educational videos, reading, video games, and the outdoors! Ask me anything about books or Studio Ghibli!

Yuki Hayashita (yhayash2@cs), UTA (he/him/his)

Hey I'm Yuki, a junior from Tokyo studying CS. I love good food, traveling, and training for aerial acrobatics (come to our show this spring!). Ask me anything about Japanese food!

Allison Hsieh (ahsieh10@cs), UTA (she/her/hers)

Hello! My name is Allison, and I am a sophomore from Santa Clara, California interested in Computer Science and Linguistics. Come talk to me about learning languages, volleyball, East Asian pop genres or classical music, and I'm super excited to TA for this course :)

Joel Kim (jkim631@cs), UTA (he/him/his)

Hi everyone! I'm Joel and I'm a sophomore from California. I'm very excited to be one of your TAs! I love movies, board games, good food, and, as of recently, bouldering. Ask me anything about Marvel movies!

Oren Kohavi (okohavi@cs), UTA (he/him/his)

Hi :) I'm a junior from the San Francisco area studying CS. I love cybersecurity, systems, and basically anything tech-related. I'm all-too-willing to waste half an hour of your time infodumping about anything related to spaceflight, public policy, or philosophy. (it goes the other way around too, so if you have anything you're passionate about I'd love to hear your rant!)

Vic (Shihang) Li (sli275@cs), UTA (he/him/his)

Hi! I'm Vic, a second-year Master's student from China studying CS. When I'm not at TA hours answering questions, I like tweaking my vim config, building legos, and exploring food outside of Thayer St. Ask me anything about Cantonese food!

Pranav Mahableshwarkar (pmahable@cs), UTA (he/him/his)

Hi y'all! My name is Pranav and I am a sophomore from New Jersey studying CS and Comp Bio. I love to bake vegan desserts, spend time in lab, and go backpacking or camping. Feel free to ask me about my favorite roofs or nap spots around campus!

Nishchay Parashar (nparasha@cs), UTA (he/him/his)

Hey! I'm Nishchay, a first-year master's student from New Delhi, India. Always excited to talk about classic rock music, an absolute need for every being to love Roger Federer and the latest YouTube rabbit hole you are into! :)

Eva Schiller (eschill4@cs), STA (she/her/hers)

Hey guys! I'm Eva, and I'm a sophomore concentrating in APMA-CS. Other than guiding you all through the wonderful world of socially responsible computing, I enjoy poetry, baking, bullet journalling, New Jersey, bagels, and New Jersey bagels. I'm so thrilled to be your STA this year – feel free to reach out with all things tech ethics!

Christina Stepin (cstepin@cs), UTA (she/her/hers)

Hello! I'm Christina, a sophomore from Seattle, WA studying CS + Math and Music. Outside of CS, I love playing poker and piano, and reading Young Adult literature. I'm really excited to meet y'all! Ask me about film-scoring and card games!

Carolyn Zech (czech@cs), UTA (she/her/hers)

Hi! I'm a junior from Connecticut studying CS. I like cooking, reading, and going to the movies. Ask me about my favorite cookie recipes or TV recs!